Kate Henderson

M.Ost., B.App.Sci, B.PhEd

I completed five years of Osteopathic training at Unitec Institute of Technology, after building a foundation in sports science and exercise prescription at the University of Otago. Since practicing in Auckland for four years, I have recently returned with my young family to Wellington.

I support people through hands on treatment, and providing them with tools to move well in daily life. In particular I treat neck and back pain, shoulder problems, headaches, migraines, common jaw issues, acute and chronic sports injuries. I have a keen interest in sports injuries, supporting pregnant mothers through their journey and treating babies and children. 

In addition, I specialise in breathing retraining which can optimise sports performance and improve many issues such as sinus conditions, hay fever, asthma, and anxiety. My masters research investigated managing lymphedema complications following breast cancer, and I continue to work in this area. 

In my spare time I am also a keen off road runner and have a background in a range of sports including hockey, rowing, basketball and swimming.