7 Ways To Treat Repetitive Strain Injury


Have you got RSI (also called Oos) or commonly known as repetitive strain injury? Osteopathy is one of the 7 ways you can help yourself.

10 tips to create a stretching habit

Several years ago I had a patient who completely transformed her own spine. She presented with thoracic back pain that was getting worse. On examination she had a severe kyphosis (forward bending curve) of her thoracic spine. I treated her several times but most importantly I introduced her to STRETCHING. She was a model patient and took on all my suggestions, taking weekly pilates lessons and daily at-home sessions. I was stunned, she had created a magnificent, 'straight' spine. After 25 years of Osteopathy here was the power of good habits personified! It is obvious to the Osteopath when a patient regularly stretches. The specific nutrition to the joints created by stretching causes vitality in the musculoskeletal system.

Most commonly patients need Osteopathic realignment (after trauma or repetitive strain) in conjunction with stretching and strengthening exercises. With the majority of patients, within a short amount of time, they can do their own (stretching) body maintenance with little or no Osteopathic assistance.

Yes, your body needs strength- but it also needs length, regularly.


  1. Start with small amounts. In your busy life 5-10 minutes every day may be all you can squeeze in (to start) . At busy times I have alternating stretch routines over the week.

  2. Best time of day is the morning when there are less distractions. Research has shown this is best time for forming new habits.

  3. Add interest – listen to music or podcasts. Follow a video if you have a good one. https://www.gaia.com/yoga/practices

  4. Multitask – use primitive techniques – sit on the floor and put your laptop on the coffee table, walk barefoot: https://nutritiousmovement.com/

  5. Make it easy – do it at home, have your equipment absolutely ready and your gym clothes beside your bed for the morning.

  6. Book a pilates or yoga class – be accountable, pay in advance to increase your commitment and take a friend. Acknowledge that learning to move your body is a life long, ongoing lesson – better learnt in person than on a screen. Try Pilates Flow in Hataitai.

  7. Show self compassion – If you slip up – be kind to yourself and you will be much more likely to succeed. Problems arise when you beat yourself up for not doing it the 'right way'.

  8. Spot your loopholes. - plan in advance for holidays, house guest disruptions

  9. Know yourself. Use what works for you! When it comes to creating a stretching habit, there is no right way, only whats right for you. Read Gretchin Rubins 'Better Than Before'. https://www.fishpond.co.nz/c/Books/q/Better+Than+Before+%E2%80%A6

  10. Concentrate – Focus on your moves! Breathe in your tight spots. Remember what your teacher said…