Hataitai Osteopaths is fundraising for KidsCan during #OAW2019

Hataitai Osteopaths for KidsCan
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Osteopath Jane Barber and her associates Kate Henderson and Ciara Broderick will be fundraising for KidsCan from the 14th-20th April. “For every patient we see we will donate $5 to Kids Can.” says clinic owner Jane. “The charity is close to our hearts because of our careers. In Osteopathy we believe a good start in life will have a profound effect on a  person's life. It's like straightening a bent sapling that would have grown into a bent tree.”

Jane Barber may be relatively new on the Hataitai block but she has a long history in Wellington.

She started City Osteopaths 29 years ago then left New Zealand for London and Sydney... now back for 12 years with her family, she has branched out from her sole practice in Miramar. Its amazing to think we have been open in Hataitai for 2 years on the 1st April! 

“I was too busy and I didn't like not being able to fit people in. I'm so thrilled with my associates Kate Henderson and Ciara Broderick, I am so lucky to have found two excellent Osteopaths full of enthusiasm and knowledge...the local community is realising this too - We are getting many referrals not only from doctors and other practitioners, but patient's friends and family.”

She said people often did not realise the range of problems treated by osteopaths. Osteopathy is a hands on approach to healthcare that heals by focussing on how the musculoskeletal system, muscles, nerves, circulation, connective tissue and internal organs function together. “Not just back and neck ache, but headaches, sinus congestion, constipation, period pain, asthma to name a few.”

All three osteopaths have training in treating babies and children who come with problems such as birth trauma, colic, recurrent ear infections, sleep problems, developmental delay, growing pains and feeding problems. “We love the work we do and very much enjoy serving our local community”.

From sports injuries to breathing disorders, osteopathy is safe and gentle enough to treat a wide variety of presentations and is suitable for newborns to the elderly. National Osteopathy Awareness Week #OAW2019 is from April 14th until April 21st.  Phone 04 972 8123 for Hataitai Osteopaths or book your appointment online.